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Category: WEPRIP

My Name Is Lenny 2017 WEBRip XviD AC3-FGT

Plot: The life story of one of Britain’s most notorious bare-knuckle fighters, Lenny McLean, also known as “the Guv’nor.”

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The Journey 2017 HC HDRip XviD AC3-EVO
Plot: A fictional account of the extraordinary story of two implacable enemies in Northern Ireland – firebrand Democratic Unionist Party leader Ian Paisley and Sinn Fein politician Martin McGuinness – who are forced to take a short journey together in which they will take the biggest leap of faith and change the course of history.

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Darkness Rising 2017 WEB-DL XviD AC3-FGT
Plot: Nearly murdered as a child by her mother, a woman (Katrina Law) returns to the house where her mom went mad.

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Mad Cowgirl 2006 WEBRip x264-iNTENSO

Plot: A woman, who is dying of a brain disorder, begins a surreal journey which descends into violence.

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Third Eye 2014 720p WEBRip x264-iNTENSO
Plot: A young woman’s supernatural ability to see ghosts is reawakened following the death of her mother. As she adjusts to her new, deathly surroundings, she and her loved ones become the target of some ill-meaning individuals.

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The Slayer 2017 WEBRip x264-iNTENSO
Plot: Camp counselors fall prey to the vicious killer lurking in the deserted camp grounds.

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Joseph and Mary 2016 720p WEBRip x264-STRiFE
Plot: JOSEPH AND MARY is a biblical drama that follows Elijah, a devout Rabbi, during a time of unrest when King Herod the Great’s slaughter of innocents claims the lives of two boys Elijah had sworn to protect. Consequently, he continue reading…

Ali Wong Baby Cobra 2016 WEBRip x264-JAWN


Plot: Ali Wong’s stand up special delves into her sexual adventures, hoarding, the rocky road to pregnancy, and why feminism is terrible.

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Missing 411 2016 720p WEB-DL H 264-Coo7

plot: A documentary that chronicles the similar disappearances of five children in the wilds of North America, across multiple decades.

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Chronically Metropolitan 2016 1080p WEBRip x264-STRiFE

Plot: Full of wry wit, Chronically Metropolitan, is a cynical family drama about a young writer, Fenton, who is forced home to help the family cope when his larger than life father, Christopher, gets into a car accident with a truck full of crabs.

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